BA / BSc Psychology

At Universal AI University, through our cutting-edge curriculum, one of the Best BA / BSc Psychology Colleges in Mumbai, India, industry-focused learning experiences, and worldwide exposure, we prepare our students for the future. Our students are equipped with the most current skills, knowledge, and views to flourish in a corporate climate that is always growing. Our innovative approach combines classic liberal arts education with cutting-edge technology, preparing our students to prosper in today’s rapidly changing job market.

Our revolutionary approach combines artificial intelligence into the curriculum, giving students a cutting-edge understanding of the technology influencing our future. Through intensive, hands-on learning, we give students the skills and confidence they need to do well in their careers. One can pursue their passion and choose a career as Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Social worker, Counselor, Educational Psychologist, Human resource manager, Research roles to name a few, with AI tools and techniques which is the future of tomorrow. 

Program Highlights

India’s First Multi Disciplinary and Inter Disciplinary curriculum
with subjects from 5 Disciplines

  • 1 Internships
  • 2 CMAPS (Collaborative Multi-disciplinary Approach towards Problem Solving)
  • 1 SMART Project
  • 3 years of Leadership Development
  • 1 SDG (Sustainablity Development Goals) Project
  • 1 Research Paper
  • 1 AI Lab Project 
  • 8 Skills Developed 
  • 47% Experiential Learning

Course Outline

Highlights of the Undergraduate Program in BA/BSc Psychology

1. The program is designed to meet international academic and industry benchmarks

2. Incorporates the latest changes in the national education policy, ensuring the curriculum is current
and comprehensive
3. Tailored to meet industry standards, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for the workforce
4. Courses are systematically and sequentially designed to transition students from foundational
knowledge to experiential learning.
5. The curriculum emphasizes a blend of theory and practical application across all semesters.
6. Each subject combines theoretical understanding with practicum components, enhancing learning
through real-world application.
7. Students gain hands-on experience through a variety of practical activities, ensuring they can apply
theoretical knowledge in real-life scenarios.
8. Integration of community exposure projects allows students to engage with and contribute to local
9. Sequential and systematic course design ensures a logical progression of knowledge and skills.
10. Each semester builds on the previous one, ensuring a cohesive and comprehensive learning
11. Equipping students with research skills, including developing research proposals and producing
publications, to prepare them for research career paths that meet international standards and job
market demands.
12. Equipping students for a wide range of career opportunities and advanced studies in psychology and
AI, ensuring alignment with international standards and the evolving job market.


Unique Course Major Options

Developmental Psychology:

1. Focuses on understanding the developmental, psychological and behavioural changes experienced during the childhood and adolescence period.

2. Screening and Assessment tools specific to identify and understand developmental, psychological and behavioural issue among children

3. Emphasizes developing critical skills to understand child’s issues and employ therapeutic intervention to facilitate holistic growth

4. Amalgamation of lab work and field work at each course for deeper understanding


Counselling Psychology:

5. Exposure for screening and assessments within real-life settings such as community, school, and industry.

6. Emphasizes understanding mental health and therapeutic techniques to support individuals in overcoming personal challenges.

7. Enhance the ability to recognize mental health issues across different age groups, populations, and contexts, and integrate interventions that combine contemporary scientific approaches with traditional Indian wisdom.

8. Amalgamation of lab work and field work at each course for deeper understanding

9.AI Based labs to understand use in both screening and intervention


Industrial Psychology:

10. Focused on industry-specific assessment tools and the development of relevant interventions.

11. Critical skills to understand psychological principles to the workplace, aiming to improve employee performance and organizational efficiency.

12. Emphasizes developing critical skills to understand organization issues and understanding models that incorporate modern science and ancient Indian wisdom

13. Amalgamation of lab work and field work at each course for deeper understanding

14. AI Based labs to understand use in both screening and intervention


Innovative Minor Specializations

Psychology and Artificial Intelligence (AI):

1. Interdisciplinary Exploration: Explores the intersection of psychological principles and AI, preparing students to understand and apply AI technologies in psychological practice.

2. Integrated Lab Work: Incorporates lab work to apply psychological principles using AI in real-life setups.

3. AI-Driven Psychological Assessment: Teaches students how to develop and use AI-driven tools for psychological assessment and interventions.

4. Ethics and AI in Psychology: Examines the ethical implications of using AI in psychological practice, ensuring students are prepared to handle these technologies responsibly.

5. Data Analysis Skills: Provides training in advanced data analysis techniques, equipping students with skills to handle large datasets and derive meaningful insights in psychological research.

6. Project-Based Learning: Includes projects that require students to design and implement AI applications in psychology, fostering practical skills and innovation.

Note: The final courses which will be delivered will be approved by the BoS.

Eligibility Criteria

Universal AI University invites applications from all streams and boards (Indian & International). The candidate must either have completed Class XII, or be completing it in the same year in which she/he seeks to begin undergraduate study. Candidates from any stream, or studying any combination of subjects, can apply to any of the undergraduate programs offered. 

Indian Board Minimum of 65% in Class 10th & 12th
IB Board Diploma Holder & Certificate Holder (Min 20 Points & based on overall candidature)
Cambridge Board Minimum of 2 Subjects
Academics SOP Extra Curriculum Activities UBSAT PI
20%  10% 20% 25% 25%

Admissions Process

The entire admissions process for BA / BSc Psychology course is Online. A candidate has to follow the simple 4 steps mentioned below.

STEP 1: Application Process

Fill the Online Application Form (Click Here). 

  • The application fee is INR 2000 / USD 25 / GBP 20 / EUR 22

STEP 2: Documents Required

  • Academic Mark Sheets – 10th, 12th (if available)
  • Statement of Purpose (Download Sample)
  • Two Letter of Reference – School/College/Employer(Sample 1) (Sample 2)
  • Extra-curricular or Co-curricular activities


Duration : 1 hour 45 minutes 100 questions (No Negative Marking)

Test Format – Aptitude Test & Psychometric Test

  • English Language & Comprehension – 20%
  • Quantitative Ability 20%
  • Global & Indian Current Affairs – 20%
  • Analytical & Logical Reasoning 20%
  • Green Thinking and Creativity 20%

Sample paper of UBSAT will be available to prepare once a candidate applies. Exemption from UBSAT, if candidate has already given SAT / ACT / PEARSON / UGAT / CUET.


Use Universal AI’s SAT DI Code (7861) & apply for free, while filling your SAT forms

STEP 4: Personal Interview (PI)

A candidate is tested for attitude, motivation, communication & academic curiosity. The candidate’s past record, academic as well as co-curricular & extra-curricular, forms the main basis of the PI discussion. All PI’s will happen online via Zoom.

Once all four steps are completed, a candidate’s application will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee in full. The final admission decision will take into consideration the overall candidature.

Candidates who perform well in the admission process may be made a provisional offer of admission, even if their Class XII Board scores have not been declared until then.

Fees (Tuition, Boarding & Lodging)

We offer various course options at the undergraduate level which will equip the students with necessary skills and knowledge for a multi-disciplinary approach to diverse business and management problems.

Program Duration Tuition Fees
BA / BSc Psychology 3/4 Years INR 1.98 Lac Per Year

50% Scholarship is available on the 1st Year fees to all students


Boarding & Lodging on Campus

  • Single Room (AC) (Limited rooms available) – INR 2,98,000 / year
  • Dual Sharing Room (AC) – INR 1,88,000 / year
  • Triple Sharing Room (AC) – INR 1,68,000 / year

Other Charges:

  • Security Deposit (Refundable) – INR 25,000 / year
  • CSR Activities – INR 5,000 / year 
  • Welcome Kit (Includes University Tie / scarf, T-shirt & Student participation fee in festivals & events) – INR 3,200 / year  
  • Alumni Membership Fee – INR 2,500 / year

Accommodation & Meals

We offer single rooms AC (limited rooms available) & dual sharing rooms AC with ensuite washroom, common Living & Dining Room with kitchenette. Fee includes student accommodation, house keeping, soft furnishing, WiFi, laundry, gym & extensive sports facilities. Single Sharing apartments (4 pax) will have a refrigerator, a microwave oven & dressing tables. Food : We offer 4 Meals / Day with Veg., Jain & Non-Veg. options cooked in separate kitchens by SODEXO (Worlds largest French MNC in quality food services in 80 countries).


Refund Policy for the Undergraduate programs at Universal AI University:

If any candidate decides to withdraw from the course in which he/she took admission, then the institute shall follow the below-mentioned system of the UGC norms for fee refund. Last date of admission 15th September 2024.

Date of Fee Payment (on or before) Non-Refundable Fee

Refund of Fee (%age)

Time Period (withdrawal of the application


15 days or more, before the last date of admission

has been notified


Less than 15 days before the last date of admission


15 days or less, after the last date of admission


30 days or less, but more than 15 days, after the last

date of admission


More than 30 days after the last date of admission

Caution money and the security deposit money, which are not part of the

fee structure, will be refunded entirely.

  1. The request for withdrawal or refund of fees must be sent to [email protected] .in with the subject line “REFUND Request- Universal Ai University Application Form Number”.
  1. The student will receive a ‘No Objection Certificate’ which he/she has to submit, along with the necessary information.
  1. No verbal/telephonic request for withdrawal and refund will be entertained.
  1. Fees shall be refunded to the eligible candidate by the institute within 15 days after the candidate has submitted the official written letter to the authority.
  2. A deduction of Rs 1,000 is applicable towards processing fees.

For any queries pertaining to admissions at Universal Ai University, you

may contact Student Help Support Desk – Ms. Neha Mudras at

[email protected] /70260 23000/ 93265 85100.

Scholarships (upto 50% of the tuition fee) and Loan Facility

At Universal AI, one of the best BA / BSc Psychology colleges in Mumbai, India, we believe in supporting our students in every possible manner. Therefore, there are various types of scholarships which we offer to encourage our students academically.

Economic (EarlyBird) Scholarship- INR 50,000/-

Early Bird Scholarship is applicable to the students who take admission at Universal AI in the Early Admission Round. Applications for Early Bird is valid upto 31st December.

Special Scholarship - INR 50,000/-

The special scholarship of INR 50,000 is available for following categories namely

  1. Children of Armed Forces
  2. Students with domicile in Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura, Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, Puducherry, Lakshadweep, Chandigarh, Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Daman & Diu, Andaman & Nicobar Island, Goa, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka
  3. Siblings Scholarship
  4. Parent as Teacher Scholarship
  5. National / International Sports Scholarship
  6. For anyone who has lost his/her parent due to Covid-19

Merit Scholarship - upto INR 1,00,000/-

Depending on the academic performance, we offer following scholarships to our students:

Indian BoardInternational Board GradeScholarship upto
80% to 84.99%30 to 3220% of the 1st Year Tuition Fees
85% to 89%33 to 3530% of the 1st Year Tuition Fees
90% & above36 & above50% of the 1st Year Tuition Fees

SchoolAchievement Scholarship - INR 25,000/-

Letter of Recommendation from School Counsellor / Principal – Why you should be considered at Universal AI University?

Means Scholarship - upto INR 1,00,000/-

For families with household income below INR 6,00,000/- p.a.


1) Only one category of special scholarship is applicable per student.

2) Merit Scholarship can not be clubbed with special scholarship.

3) Maximum Scholarship of INR 50,000 can be availed per student.

4) Students are eligible for scholarship if their scholarship application is received prior to May. 

5) The Scholarship application form is available on Universal AI University website.

6) All scholarships are at the sole discretion of Universal AI University.

7) Eligible students’ will receive a Scholarship Award Letter from the Admissions Team.

Education Loans

The following banks offer education loans on their own discretion:

Central Bank of India | Bank of India | State Bank of India | Bank of Baroda | Union Bank of India | Punjab National Bank | Axis Bank | Gyan Dhan | CREDILA – An HDFC Ltd. | AVANSE Education Loans | West Bengal Student Credit Card Scheme

Please download the Universal AI University’s Scholarship Application Form from here.