What is unique about Universal AI University?

We are committed to crafting leaders with character equipping them with the technologies of the future. Our diverse range of degree programs in Business Management, Liberal Arts, Environment Sciences, AI, Design, Law, Sports, Commerce, and International Diplomacy will empower students to become leaders in a global context in their field while promoting sustainability and entrepreneurship.

Our focus on hands-on experiential and immersive learning, industry partnerships backed by 60 global CEOs, and real-world CMAPS  projects cannot be found anywhere else. Graduates of our programs will be well-prepared for a variety of exciting and lucrative career paths, including roles in data analysis, AI and machine learning.

  1. Embedding AI in every program be it Liberal Arts, Commerce Management or Law with foundational understanding of all the new technologies like AI, ML, IoT, VR, MR, AR.l in Year 1 with pathways to further enhance one’s knowledge and skills.
  2. In Final year, students will do a deep dive project on the AI applications in their respective fields Eg. AI applications in Social sciences like Psychology or AI applications in Commerce or Law.
  3. 50% of each program is Experiential learning going up to 70% in many programs
  4. Every student will do 2 CMAPS projects and solve industry problems in a multi-disciplinary way besides the Internship
  5. Each student will learn 7 critical soft skills which will be credit based
  6. Each student will be required to publish a Research paper enhancing their critical thinking and research skills.
  7. The UG program will have a foundational year which will be interdisciplinary, so Psychology students will be exposed to AI and Duties Technologies Business & Commerce, Entrepreneurship, Law and Ethics and Design Thinking in Year 1.

Why students would choose us?

  • Endorsed by 60 Global CEOs in order to prepare the next generation for a greener future.
  • Our 40 acre campus is located at the heart of a Valley.
  • Learn from global CEOs and CXOs200+ Unique major minor subjects.
  • 8 Internationally accredited global programs.
  • 15+ Experiential learning activities
  • 1500+ Campus interview opportunities
  • 52% Women leaders
  • 64% International of global Education
  • The only B-school in INDIA GROWTH CHAMPIONS 2023.
  • Ranked top 4 in Mumbai and top 26 in India by Times B-School ranking survey 2023.
  • Top-of-the-line student infrastructure.
  • Industry leading and expert Faculty.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Being in Karjat Campus is the ‘best of both worlds’ dynamic – a secluded campus with quick access to the fabled City of Dreams, Mumbai – makes for an unforgettable experience for Universal AI University.
  • Our Beautiful Paradise – https://universalai.in/campus-life/

Universal AI University has International Alliances with over 30 Universities across 24 countries UK, USA, France, Germany, Portugal, Greece, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Columbia, Hungary, Senegal, Brazil, Ukraine, Morocco, Russia, South Africa, China, Lithuania, Turkey, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Indonesia and Argentina. Students have the opportunity to study in any of these countries under the Student Exchange program.

Universal AI University also offers European Scholarships for 6 months complete free study and stay in Europe through the ERASMUS+ European Union program.

Universal AI University has innovated and brought multiple unique programs that are run for and by students on campus:

    1. Experiential Learning Corporation (ELC) – where students get hands on business, Leadership, Organization and entrepreneurial experience and work for a Pvt. Ltd. company on Campus
    2. Rush4Rush – India’s 1st Business Adventure festival. This is an inter-collegiate festival which is developed and executed by the students
    3. Universal Innovation Council (UIC) – Students come up with innovations across the Academic processes, pedagogy, student development which are implemented by students.
    4. Earn While You Learn (EWL) – Students get an opportunity to contribute to the school and earn in the process.
    5. Case Blazer – The 100 hour case study prepares them for the intense competition and work pressures in the corporate world
    6. Young Ideas – Allows them to get their Ideas funded by Seed funding from Venture Capitalists
    7. UBS Clubs – Students join clubs to further their knowledge and exposure in areas, like the Finance Club Frigata or Marketing Club Quiverine etc. We also have interest based clubs like Toastmasters, Photography, Video Tech, Social Media focused clubs.
    8. Global Trading – Students get the opportunity to trade stocks, bonds, commodities and currencies across all 5 continents in real-time
    9. Global CEO Series – Students have access to over 60+ CEOs during the Academic year and get exposed to leadership lectures from Global CEOs, which gives them access to top management exposure and latest industry trends.
    10. TechOps – It develops strong leadership skills in planning, managing and executing infrastructural projects and makes students excellent Project Managers.

Our Board of Governors who support Universal AI University is a great privilege and responsibility. With their personal endorsements they enhance the value of our respective programs and build the reputation of Universal AI University. As they say your NETWORK is your NET WORTH. They have supported us in the following ways over the years.

  • Delivered amazing lectures inspiring our students
  • Invited their companies for Placements
  • Leveraged their respective CEO network to invite other companies for Placements
  • Delivered workshops on Campus
  • Guided Universal AI University on our strategy
  • Helped in getting International Alliances across the world
  • Helped support the funding for Universal AI University
  • Helped in Marketing of the Universal AI University brand
  • Helped in attracting Faculty to Universal AI University
  • Helped in attracting Top Global CEOs for our Convocation, Symposiums and Global CEO Series sessions

Yes, all post graduate programs offered at Universal AI University are approved by AICTE and have been accredited by the following accreditation agencies. Universal AI University is the First Indian Business School to be recognized by AICTE, to grant an International MBA Degree in India.

  • PGDM- Single & Dual Specialization is accredited by AICTE, AIU and NBA.
  • AICTE Approved PGDM + MBA Degree from Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK is accredited by Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), UK.
  • AICTE Approved PGDM + MBA Degree from Swiss School of Management, Italy is accredited by IACBE (USA), EDUQUA (Switzerland), US Department for Veteran Affairs (USA), CHEA (USA), Association of MBA’s (AMBA), UK, Conferences Des Grandes Ecoles (France), UGEI (France), USR LAZIO and EPAS (EFMD), Europe.
  • AICTE Approved PGDM + MBA Degree from INSEEC Business School, France is accredited by IACBE (USA), EDUQUA (Switzerland), US Department for Veteran Affairs (USA), CHEA (USA), Association of MBA’s (AMBA), UK, Conferences Des Grandes Ecoles (France), UGEI (France), USR LAZIO and EPAS (EFMD), Europe.
  • AICTE Approved PGDM + MBA Degree from University of Economics, Varna, Bulgaria is accredited by The National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency, Bulgaria.
  • AICTE Approved PGDM + MBA Degree from Lincoln University, California, USA is accredited by CHEA, IACBE (USA), ACICS (USA), Department of Education (USA).
  • AICTE Approved PGDM + MBA Degree from Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, USA is accredited by AACSB, CAEP, CACREP, CSWE.

The Placement team facilitates this process from preparing student’s resume, conducting mock interviews, preparing the student for the interview process, inviting companies, and managing the interview & selection process. Since Universal AI University is endorsed by 60 CEO’s, students get an access to these companies – 

278+ Companies and 890+ Interview opportunities have been given to our students

Top Business School in Return on Investment (ROI) – 160%

Highest Increase in Salary for experienced Student – 460%

We have achieved International placements in France, Germany, Turkey, UAE, Bahrain, Spain, South Africa, Nigeria, Congo, China, and USA.

Students will receive a globally accepted PGDM Degree from leading B-schools from Universal AI University, which will enable students to apply for jobs across the world, as the pedagogy we teach is on par with any Top University globally. Our Placement Team brings you many International placement opportunities. University has been termed as one of the four ‘TRULY GLOBAL B-SCHOOL IN INDIA’ by Times of India, 2015. Students opting for our global program at SSM + INSEEC and Lincoln University have the option to do their internship for 6 months in Paris or San Franscisco, respectively. This internship can be converted to a full-time job in the USA. The student could extend the internship by an additional year under the OPT (Optional Practical Training) program.

The Edge with an International degree is as follows:

  • Global curriculum with established international best practices
  • Global exposure which allows student to study in 15+ International Universities
  • Ability to study on Cardiff Met. University’s UK Campus, SSM’s Paris Campus, UE’s Bulgaria Campus or Lincoln University’s or Northeastern Illinois University’s USA Campus.
  • Focus on Critical Thinking and 80% practical learning rather than Rote Learning in the Indian system
  • An ability to pick up a job-oriented specialization. Students opting for our global program at SSM + INSEEC and Lincoln University, have the option to do their internship for 6 months in Paris or San Francisco, respectively. This internship can be converted to a full-time job in the USA. The student also gets the opportunity to extend their internship for an additional year under the OPT (Optional Practical Training) program.

The entire Universal AI University campus is disability friendly as it has been designed to American standards.

  • Universal AI University offers world-class accommodation. Students are given options of an air-conditioned single/dual/triple/DOM sharing room with attached bathroom. Four students share a common living room, dining room and kitchenette for light snacks, tea & coffee. Students have access to a Launderette as well as a Laundry service. Students have housekeeping services which are provided once a day to clean their rooms.
  • Students have access to Gymnasium, Indoor games arena with Pool, Table Tennis and Outdoor games like Badminton, Tennis, Basketball, Football, Cricket and Volley ball court. Students have a jogging track and indulge in Mountain trekking and Mountain Biking etc.

Hostel Tour video: 


Students have several opportunities to explore their true potential on Campus. These include Indoor and Outdoor sports competitions, Cultural shows, Talent Shows, Fashion Shows, Musical nights (Octave nights), Toastmasters Public Speech Making, Individual & Group Dancing and Singing competitions, Play Acting, Debates, Case Competitions, Trading Competitions, Case Study Competitions, Photography competitions, Gaming, Cross Country running, Mountain biking, Treasure Hunts, Trekking, Participation in Clubs, ELC, Innovation Council, Learning International Languages like Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, French and German.

Universal AI University gives utmost importance to the safety and security of our students.

  • Universal AI University has 30 Security personnel 24 * 7 round the clock across Campus
  • There are two special Security Officers posted below the Girls apartments and one woman security officer.
  • The entire Campus is under CCTV surveillance and a special camera is installed above the Girls apartment block
  • 4-6 girls stay together in an apartment block which is locked from inside, so no one can enter.
  • Only women housekeeping staff clean and do the housekeeping of the Campus
  • The Chairman lives on Campus (Prof. Tarun Anand) and is available 24*7 at a 5 minutes distance from the student accommodation
  • Several Faculty members stay on Campus in and around the students’ accommodation.
  • Amol Borale – Admin Officer is on call 24*7.
  • In case of emergency, an in-house doctor attends to the student or student is taken to Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital (Super specialty hospital) – 20 minutes from Campus.
  • The Students Leadership teams are made of Students (50% female) and are available for supporting the students.Anti-Ragging Affidavit signed by every student and their parent on Stamp paper

A: For undergraduate programs, Universal AI University is accepting applications from all streams and boards (Indian & International). The candidate must either have completed Class XII, or be completing it in the same year in which she/he seeks to begin undergraduate study. Candidates from any stream, or studying any combination of subjects, can apply to any of the undergraduate programs offered.

The admissions criteria is as per the following:


UBAT/ Nationalized Entrance TestPersonal InterviewAcademicsStatement of PurposeExtra-Curricular Activities




For the postgraduate programs, criteria is as follows:


UBAT/ Nationalized Entrance TestPersonal InterviewAcademicsStatement of PurposeExtra-Curricular Activities

Boarding & Lodging on Campus includes A/c Rooms with common living room, dining room & kitchenette; Laundry facilities, Sports & Gymnasium and Wifi.

Students have 2 options:


AC Single Room OptionAC Dual Sharing OptionAC Triple Sharing Option
Rs. 2,98,000 per yearRs. 1,88,000 per yearRs. 1,60,000 per year
Following are the cost of living available for our students  
Country Cost of Living / month
UK (INSEEC) GBP 600 – 800
France (INSEEC) EUR 700 – 900
Bulgaria (University of Economics) EUR 400
USA USD 600 – 700

Students will earn upto EUR 1000 per month in France. This is a mandatory Internship, which is called Curriculum Practical Training (CPT) which is part of the MBA Degree at INSEEC Business School, France, which ensures that each student is given this opportunity.

  • Any student who has a backlog in any program/course/subject, he/she is not eligible to apply in Universal AI University.
  • IELTS / TOFEL – If you have scored over 60% in English in your 10th & 12th Board exams, then this condition is waived and you will not have to take IELTS/ TOFEL . The International Partner University can insist on these tests if you do not fulfill the criteria above.
  • GMAT – It is not mandatory for you to give you GMAT for being considered eligible for the international studies. However, if you have taken your GMAT it is an added factor which will help in your selection process.

Our cut-offs are a function of Academic Grades as well. So, if you have scored 70% above in 10th, 12th & Graduation, the cut-off is 200, if you have scored above 60% the cut-off is 230, so it depends on your academics, work experience etc.

Our CAT percentile is 70%ile… Similar to above.

Yes, we have an Entrepreneurial Development Cell and Incubation Centre with an AI Quantum Computing Lab (under construction).

We have several scholarships based on Merit, Need and special category. For more details, please visit individual program pages.