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Economics is a diverse field that covers topics such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, development economics, international economics, public economics, etc. If you are interested in pursuing a career in economics, you might be wondering what kind of courses you will have to take in your undergraduate program.

In this blog, we will break down the curriculum of a typical BA Hons Economics program in India and explain what each topic entails. Read on to find out how a career in economics can shape your future.


BA (Hons.) Economics: Overview

The BA Hons Economics program is usually a three-year degree that consists of six semesters. Each semester, you will have to take four or five core courses and one or two elective courses which might deal with BA Economics Hons subjects along with some others.


To get an overview of this course at Universal AI University, take a look at the table below.


Course Name Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Economics
Level Undergraduate
Duration 3 years or more
Eligibility Criteria 65% or above in 10th and 12th boards
Admission Process Merit + SOP + Entrance Test + PI + Extracurriculars
Course Fee INR 2.48 LPA
Average Salary INR 3 – 6.4 LPA


BA Hons Economics Syllabus: Breakdown

The core courses in any Hons program are mandatory and this applies to Economics BA Hons too, as these cover the essential concepts and tools of economic analysis. The elective courses allow you to choose from a wide range of topics to suit your interests and career goals. Here is a sample breakdown of the BA Economics Honours subjects you will encounter in each semester:


Semester 1

In the first semester, you will be introduced to the basics of economics – like the principles of microeconomics, which deals with the behaviour and decisions of individual consumers and firms in a market economy, and macroeconomics, which deals with the aggregate performance and policies of an economy as a whole. Additionally, you will take a course on mathematical methods for business and economics, which will teach you how to use algebra, calculus, and statistics to solve problems.

Some other subjects that you’ll encounter in the first semester of the BA Hons Economics course are:

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Fundamentals of New Age Technologies


Semester 2

In the second semester, you will build on your knowledge of microeconomics and macroeconomics and learn how to apply them to real-world situations. This semester will focus on getting you updated with business law and ethics while building your professional and personal skills with courses or modules like:


  • Personality Development and Effective Communication
  • Data Visualisation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • SMART Project
  • Internship


Semester 3

In the third semester, you will start to learn about the quantitative methods and techniques that are used by economists to analyse data and test hypotheses. You will take a course on Market Structure, as well as various types of economic theories and their underlying principles. The 3rd semester of a BA Hons Economics course will teach you Monetary Economics, as well as how to use advanced mathematical tools like Excel for optimization, comparative statics, dynamic analysis, etc. to model economic phenomena.


Semester 4

In the fourth semester, you will continue to develop your skills in applied econometrics and Mathematical Techniques in Economics and learn how to use software such as Stata or R to perform empirical analysis using different types of data sets and models. You will also take a course on Advanced Economic Theory, which will expose you to the current research topics and debates in microeconomic or macroeconomic theory.


Other courses in the 4th semester of a BA Hons Economics program will cover topics or modules such as:


  • Price Theory
  • Understanding Economic Policy Making
  • Collective Bargaining or Negotiation Skills
  • Internship.


Semester 5

In the fifth semester, you will have more freedom to choose your elective courses from a wide range of options. You can explore topics such as these in a typical BA Eco Hons course:


  • Development Economics – Studies the economic problems and policies of low-income countries.
  • International Economics – Studies the trade and financial relations among countries.
  • Public Economics – Studies the role of government in the economy.
  • Environmental economics – Studies the impact of economic activity on the environment.
  • Industrial Organisation – Studies the structure and behaviour of firms and industries.
  • Labour Economics – Studies the supply and demand of labour and its implications for wages and employment.
  • Health Economics – Studies the production and consumption of health care services.
  • Behavioural Economics – Studies how psychological factors affect economic decisions.


Universal AI University offers other topics that may interest you too, like:


  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Statistical Technique in Economics
  • Public Finance


Semester 6

In the sixth semester, you will have to complete a dissertation or a project work under the guidance of a faculty member. This is an opportunity for you to apply your knowledge and skills to a specific research question or problem of your choice. You will have to conduct a literature review, collect and analyse data, write a research paper, and present your findings. This will help you develop your critical thinking, communication, and research skills.


Finally, you’ll also brush up on these topics in the BA Hons Economics course to get job-ready:

  • Global Economic Environment
  • Economic Analysis
  • Game Theory
  • AI Applications in Social Sciences.


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The BA Hons Economics program is designed to provide you with a solid foundation in economic theory and methods as well as exposure to various fields of economics. By completing this program, you will be well-equipped to pursue higher studies in economics or related disciplines or enter the job market as an economist or analyst in various sectors such as government, academia, business, finance, consulting, media, or non-governmental organisations.



  • Is BA Economics honours hard or easy?

BA Economics Honours is neither very hard nor very easy. If you have an interest in Economics you can definitely go for this course, as aptitude can be developed with little practice.


  • What is taught in economics honours?

An economics honours mainly teaches topics like microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, development economics, international economics, public economics, etc.


  • What is the curriculum of the Bachelor of Economics?

The curriculum of the BA Hons Economics course is divided into 6 semesters, with each semester tackling economic principles, analytical methods, economic models, or practical training in various combinations depending on the college.


  • Is BA Economics good for IAS?

Yes, a BA Economics course can be a good choice if you want to prepare for IAS after graduating from the program.