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Have you completed your PhD degree in management? So what are you planning now? Are you looking for a job or higher degree? After completing your PhD in Management, you can explore the countless career opportunities in India and abroad.
PhD in Management is the highest degree program in the management domain.
Students who want to do in-depth research and study management, choose this degree program. If you’re also interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in Management after your MBA or other PG degrees in management, we bring the best career opportunities that you can grab after completing your PhD in Management degree.
So without wasting your time, let’s start our discussion. But before we move ahead, it is important to know more about PhD in Management.


What is a PhD in Management Degree? 

Doctor of Philosophy in Management is one of the most popular PhD programs available in India. A PhD in Management is an advanced academic degree that focuses on developing expertise in various aspects of management theory and practice. It is typically pursued by individuals seeking to advance their knowledge and skills in areas such as organizational behavior, strategic management, entrepreneurship, operations management, marketing, finance, and other related fields. 


Highlights of Course

Course Name PhD in Management
Duration 3 years 
Program Type Doctoral Level (Full Time)
Eligibility  50% to 55% marks in PG degree
Mode of Admission  Entrance 
Career Options Consultancy, Policy Analyst, Business professor, Entrepreneurship, Organizational change manager
Average Salary Package INR 7-8 LPA
Best PhD College Universal AI University 
Mode of Learning Semester 


Best career opportunities after completing a PhD in Management 


A Doctor of Business Administration degree offers great career opportunities to you. With this degree, you can work in both the public and private sectors. Here are the following career opportunities that you can choose after successful completion of the Ph.D. in Management degree program:- 


Academic Research and Teaching: 

The majority of Ph.D. graduates choose to pursue careers as professors or researchers in universities and business schools. To become successful professors, students choose a Ph.D. in management from Universal AI University. As an academic researcher, you can conduct research, publish papers, and teach courses related to management, organizational behavior, strategy, or specific functional areas like marketing, finance, or operations.


Corporate Strategy and Consulting

Candidates with a Doctorate in Management degree expertise are highly sought after by consulting firms and corporations for their analytical and problem-solving skills. They may work as strategy consultants, helping companies address complex business challenges, develop growth strategies, or optimize operations.


Management Analyst or Researcher

Ph.D. in Management degree holders can work as management analysts or researchers for think tanks, research organizations, or government agencies. They may conduct studies on economic trends, organizational performance, or public policy issues, providing insights and recommendations to policymakers and industry stakeholders.


Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Some Ph.D. graduates choose to start their businesses or work in startups, applying their knowledge of management principles to innovate and create new products or services. They may also work in incubators or accelerators, providing guidance and support to aspiring entrepreneurs.


Executive Leadership

With their deep understanding of management theories and practices, Ph.D. graduates are well-positioned to pursue executive leadership roles in corporations, non-profit organizations, or government agencies. They may serve as CEOs, COOs, or other senior executives, overseeing strategic decision-making and organizational management.


Non-Profit Management

Ph.D. graduates interested in making a social impact may pursue careers in non-profit organizations, foundations, or NGOs. They can apply their management expertise to address societal challenges, manage programs and projects, and drive organizational growth and effectiveness.


Policy Analysis and Advocacy

PhD graduates with a background in management can work in policy analysis and advocacy roles, influencing public policy decisions related to business regulation, economic development, or corporate governance. They may work for advocacy groups, industry associations, or government agencies.


Human Resources Management

Ph.D. graduates with a focus on organizational behavior or human resource management may pursue careers in HR leadership roles. They can design and implement talent management strategies, employee development programs, and organizational culture initiatives to support business objectives.


Top recruiting companies for PhD in Management Degree Holders 


At a global level, there is a massive demand for PhD in Management degree students. All big ventures, startups, and MNCs hire skilled and experienced candidates to boost their business. Here are some of the reputed organizations that provide the best salary packages to PhD in Management degree holders in India as well as abroad:- 


  • Hindustan Unilever Limited
  • ITC Limited
  • Asian paints  
  • OnePlus
  • Marico
  • S&P Global
  • EY
  • KPMG
  • Accenture 
  • Deloitte
  • TCS
  • HDFC Bank
  • IDFC Bank
  • Google
  • Myntra
  • Tata Capital
  • DBS 
  • Citibank
  • Flipkart
  • DHL
  • Honda
  • Capgemini


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Skills required in PhD in management for working professionals


In every sector, you need certain skills to meet the market demands. Here are the following skill sets that you require in Ph.D. in Management for working professionals:- 


  • Research proficiency
  • Analytical thinking
  • Critical evaluation
  • Data analysis
  • Literature review
  • Conceptualisation
  • Problem-solving
  • Communication skills
  • Time management
  • Project management
  • Quantitative methods
  • Qualitative methods
  • Theory development
  • Presentation skills
  • Interdisciplinary approach
  • Collaboration
  • Leadership
  • Adaptability
  • Writing proficiency
  • Ethical considerations



Ph.D. in Management degree has the best career opportunities to offer. This degree program is a higher-level degree program in the field of management. You can choose any of the jobs as per your interest. Once you complete your PhD and submit your research paper or thesis, you become eligible to become a doctor of philosophy. 



What can you do with a PhD in Management?

After getting your degree in PhD in Management, you can make a career in academia as a professor, conduct research, consult for businesses, or lead strategic initiatives in organisations.

What is the salary after PhD in Management?

Your salary after PhD in Management depends on various factors, like industry, location, experience, skills, and college. But the average salary of a PhD in Management degree holder is around INR 5-6 LPA. 

Is it worth doing a PhD in Management?

It depends on your career goals, research interests, and the value you place on advanced education in management. Consider potential benefits and drawbacks carefully.

What are the opportunities after PhD?

Academic research, industry R&D, consulting, entrepreneurship, policy-making, teaching, scientific communication, and specialised roles in various sectors offer opportunities after completing a PhD.