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Saturated with business establishments, the world today is piled with loads of business ventures. But, the relieving point in this load is the career opportunities generated in millions. As per statistics, by 2022, there will be more than 5 billion jobs worldwide with around 3.32 billion occupied. 

Among these 5 billion job positions, at least 1 million jobs are allocated for the commerce facet as it is the basal portion of any business. Reclining to the career value of commerce, let us explore the various career paths for commerce students in this article.

Career with commerce education:

Do you know that globally there are more than 333 million businesses? Getting into calculative mode, if each business hires at least two commerce graduates, then around 600 million commerce jobs are made available.

Isn’t it cool?


Statistically speaking, around 67% of business establishments hire commerce graduates as their first human resource asset. Each business allocates a separate base team for commerce operations and data states that almost 70% of business developments are related to commerce operations. These data show great career paths for commerce students.


Now, let us find a wide range of career options after commerce education.

Different career opportunities for commerce students:

Pursuing a commerce education unlatches a wide range of career pathways in a large number of industry verticals which is one of the commerce advantages.

Take a look at the band of commerce career options that await graduates in commerce in various facets of business.


Business Facets Jobs after Commerce Education
Accounting & Finance Account Assistant

Cost Accountant

Business Consultant

Investment Banker

Marketing Manager

Finance Consultant

Stock Broker

Assistant Professor

Taxation Investment Analyst

Market Analyst

Financial Analyst

Securities Analyst

Personal Finance Consultant

Senior Accountant

Computer Applications Computer Applications Analyst

Application Support Technician

Mobile Application Developer

Computer Application Scientist

Information Management Application Architect

Marketing Marketing Operations Specialist

Communications Manager

Public Relations Manager

Management Associate

Business Manager

Brand Manager

Search Engine Management Strategist

Banking and Finance Internal Auditor

Development Counselor

Loan Counsellor

Loan Control Specialist

Insurance Manager

Investment Analyst

International Business Business Development Manager

Business Development Specialist

International Business Development Manager

Business Development Consultant



Industry Verticals that hire commerce graduates:

Commerce graduates are making their career mark in a wide range of industry verticals as we already know that commerce is the foundation for any business.


Some of the popular industry verticals that offer jobs for commerce students are as follows.


  • Banking
  • Information Technology
  • Insurance Industry
  • Education
  • Corporate Houses
  • Stock Market
  • Retail Sector

Career for commerce students in top companies:

Commerce graduates are offered jobs in many business establishments that stand tall in the global business arena. Take a look at the top companies offering commerce jobs.


Top Companies that hire commerce graduates Average Salary
Deloitte INR 8.07 LPA
Ernst & Young INR 5 LPA
HDFC Bank INR 3.50 LPA
Apollo INR 5.42 LPA
Accenture INR 4.76 LPA
Amazon INR 8.20 LPA
Grant Thornton INR 9.70 LPA
Cognizant INR 7.73 LPA
Infosys INR 6.9 LPA
Directi INR 5.6 LPA
Capgemini INR 6.87 LPA


Looking at all these insights into the career agenda for commerce graduates, don’t you think you should know what to pursue for commerce education?

Commerce Course Agenda:

Commerce education in India is offered as a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the undergraduate level and a Master of Commerce degree at the postgraduate level. Take a look at the commerce education road.

Bachelor of Commerce:

Course Description The Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) course is designed to educate students on the commerce-oriented concepts, techniques, tactics, and methodologies that are incorporated in the business field.

This course also inculcates business and managerial skills which are highly required for the business world such as numerative skills, communication skills, leadership skills, etc.

Level Undergraduate Level
Duration 3 years
Mode Semester
Eligibility Criteria The basic eligibility criteria for pursuing B.Com are as follows:

Candidates should be a minimum of 17 years of age.

Candidates should have completed 10+2 with commerce stream in any recognized educational institution.

Candidates should have scored a minimum of 50% aggregate in 10+2.

Jobs after BCom Fundamental jobs after BCom degree are as follows:

Budget Analyst

Investment Banker

Operations Manager

Financial Analyst

Cost Accountant


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Master of Commerce:

Course Description Master of Commerce (MCom) is an advanced level commerce-oriented course that educates concepts such as accounting, financial management, banking, finance, etc.
Level Postgraduate Level
Duration 2 years
Mode Semester
Eligibility Criteria The basic eligibility criteria to pursue an MCom are as follows:

Candidates should have completed BCom or BCom Hons with a minimum of 50% aggregate in any recognized educational institution.

Certain colleges consider candidates with relevant degrees such as BFIA, BA Economics & Statistics, BBS, and BBE with at least 60% aggregate score.

Specialisations MCom Computer Applications

MCom Accounting & Finance

MCom Taxation

MCom Marketing

MCom Business Management

MCom Banking and Finance

MCom Financial Management


Many top colleges like ours, Universal AI University consider commerce education as one of the best business education options on par with management courses such as BBA and MBA that we offer.


Mastering commerce knowledge will simultaneously incorporate business management and administration characteristics in the students which will be an added advantage for a strong career in the global business arena.


On the whole, the value of commerce education is remarkable thus offering a great deal of career paths for commerce students. Make a note that commerce is fundamental for business, and commerce education can be fundamental for a career in business. Mastering commerce skills will surely launch you to higher positions in your career.


  • What is the future of commerce students?

Commerce students have a great future career scope as commerce is an indispensable facet in the business world thus offering a wide range of career opportunities.


  • What is the best combination for commerce students?

The best educational combination for commerce students is a Bachelor of Commerce degree followed by a Master of Commerce for a great future.


  • What is the career of commerce student after 12th?

Commerce students can take up a commerce degree after 12th which is a Bachelor of Commerce for a great career in the business world.


  • What are the subject choices for commerce students?

Some of the popular subject choices for commerce students are accounting & finance, taxation, banking, marketing, and computer applications.