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Universal AI University, amongvtop Business schools in Mumbai developed by the 60 Global CEOs have created a CEO factory from its Global MBA Degree cohort. The idea was developed to give the highest quality globally accredited MBA Degree delivered over two continents, Asia and Europe, thoughtfully curated by three B-schools, Cardiff School of Management with 150 years of pedigree, IIM-Indore- among the best MBA Colleges in India, and Universal Business School where students have the option to select four Major specialisations (Finance, Marketing, HR and Logistics & Supply chain).

five dimensional transformation

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  1. Innovation
  2. Entrepreneurship
  3. Ethics
  4. Environment
  5. Wisdom Through Self-Excellence

Students aspiring for a Global MBA in India undergo a five level transformation.
Just like the best college for BBA and MBA in India should offer, Universal AI University shapes the students towards becoming Ethical & Environment conscious leaders, with an innovative mind set, and entrepreneurial flair delivered in a unique experiential and immersive learning model.

What the top 10 B schools in India offers in 2 years full time course, students of University enrolled for the 1-year Global MBA in India get everything and more in just one year. They need to procure a consulting project where they provide a solution to a company and get paid for the same, thereby delving in real industry problem.

To bring this to light, students have live projects and undergo design thinking learning whilst implementing, the Business Pressure Cooker elective in solving live industrial problems that perhaps none of the top B schools in Mumbai would provide even in their full time course.

Students undergo a 50-hour non-stop Case blazer activity with time and outcome pressure mirroring the industry and ensuring an unmatched work ethic.
They go through an intensive four day Capsim simulation where, as business leaders they need to make critical business decisions in real time across the enterprise. A substantial offer that hardly the best college for BBA and MBA in India would furnish.
Superseding all the top business schools in Mumbai, University has curated innovative modules like Innathon, Tri-business championships and the Sandwich game. The Global Thomas Reuters trading room, allows students to trade global stocks commodities, bonds and currencies across 75 live exchanges and 5 continents in real time.

We call this the butterfly effect to understand causal relationships from macro to micro events and how they impact the markets. Everything a student gets while pursuing a Global MBA in Mumbai. Each student develops a detailed entrepreneurial project which has been used by our scholars to launch their own businesses.

global quality standards of education with 150 years pedigree

Boasting some of the oldest education institutions in the world, from Eton to Oxford, to Cambridge, the UK remains a key destination for students looking for the best global education on offer. The British system has a significant impact on the education systems across the world, adding exponential value to a student’s future.

seven experiential learning modules

To become a CEO, it is essential to have hands 100% Experiential Learning modules:

  1. Consulting Aptitude Project (CAP) : Students have to solve a real life business problem for an enterprise and complete a consulting project with a company which has to be paid for by the company. This ensures that the students are delivering value and learn through this experience of acting like Business Consultants.
  2. Self-Assessment, Validation & Intervention (SAVI) : Each student completes their SWOC (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Challenges) and gets it validated by the Corporate Relations Team and Mentors. A course of action is designed specifically tailored for each student in getting them from ‘Where they are today’ to ‘Where they want to be at the end of the program’. This is then monitored by the Mentor every week with progress documented on the Student Progress Card.
  3. Leadership Development Potential (LDP) : Each student takes up leadership positions in a club and executes the projects, developing leadership and organisational skills.
  4. Management of Self (MOS) : This is a yearlong development of the student in building their Brand, grooming & business etiquette, developing the Elevator pitch and continuous practice in facing group discussions and interviews.
  5. Societal Management Aptitude & Responsibility Temperament (SMART) : Each student does a CSR project with an NGO and understands grass root problems and finds solutions to these challenges, sensitizing them towards the social environment. These projects are focussed on the 17 UN Sustainable goals. 

Admissions Process :

STEP 1: Application Process: Fill the Online Application Form from our website.

Universal AI University invites applications from all streams and boards (Indian & International). The entire admission process is online. Interested candidates can fill the application form which is available on the UBS Website. The application fee is INR 1500 / USD 21 / GBP 15 / EUR 18.

STEP 2: Attach required documents:

  • Academic Mark Sheets (10th,12th & Graduation)
    Statement of Purpose (SOP) 
  • Download Sample PDF
  • Two Letter of Reference (LOR) (School/College/Employer) – Download Sample PDF (1) (2)
  • 2 Years Industry Work Experience Letters 
  • (Any document not available at the time of application, can be emailed later at [email protected])

STEP 3: Board Room Interview (BRI)

STEP 4: Personal Interview (PI)

STEP 5: Selected Candidates will get a Provisional Offer Letter (Unconditional or Conditional)

STEP 6: Confirm your Admission if conditions met

Eligibility Criteria

Cancellation of Admission :

Students have the right to cancel their admission without giving any reason, at any point prior to the commencement of the program as per the last date stipulated by AICTE and are eligible for a full refund of their PGDM program fee according to the AICTE guidelines with a deduction of Rs.1000/-. Similarly, the University reserves the right to cancel your admission prior to the commencement of the program, with a 100% refund of any Fees remitted to the institution at its sole discretion.
A student’s admission can be canceled at any point of time for not meeting the selection requirements (academic or non-academic) as prescribed by the University from time to time or non-compliance with any of the terms of the Offer Letter including adherence to payment deadlines, no response from the candidates and non-provision of relevant documentation without any delay.
There are 5 divisions under the PGDM program. The admissions team has the sole discretion to allocate students to respective AICTE programs, on the basis of diversity, academic performance, and type of specialization opted.

Global MBA Help Desk :

For any queries pertaining to your admission,, write to us at [email protected]

Fees & Scholarship

Please also note that due to limited accommodation available on campus, students who complete payment of all fees (Tuition & Infrastructure) in the given time frames will be able to stay on campus. Those who cannot pay on time will have to find accommodation outside the campus.


The following banks offer education loans on their own discretion

Loan Support Help Desk:

For any queries pertaining to loans, you can contact Mr. Prakash Tiwari at 9960692713