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GMP from Swiss School of management (Italy)

GMP from INSEEC Business School (France)

 GMP from Lincoln University, California (USA)

 GMP from University of Economics (Bulgaria)

 GMP from Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago (USA)



The Swiss School of Management (SSM), in collaboration with Universal Business School (UBS) is now offering its prestigious Dual Continent GMP Program. Students who meet the requirements will receive an internationally accredited GMP Certification specifically designed to equip students with the tools and analytical framework required for a successful global career along with an AICTE Approved Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM). The interactive community of SSM’s and INSEEC faculty members and Indian students will work together to achieve quality education relevant to today’s knowledge-based economy with a cross cultural edge for studying and working in Europe & India.

Business School Highlights

University Partners
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To develop global leaders by providing immersive international exposure, who is committed to principles of diversity, inclusion and environment.


1. M1: Developing innovative engagement and assessment tools based on global andragogy for delivering academic rigor.
2. M2: Engaging learners through experiential platforms and practical projects, leading to learners demonstrating entrepreneurial mindset and innovative approach to executing and managing a project.
3. M3: Enabling learners through integrated Industry connect which include live project, Internship, consulting, research-based project, and interaction with top management professionals, leading to sustained professional success.
4. M4: Fostering a mindset which appreciates a diverse and inclusive society with a commitment towards environmental concerns, community service and life-long learning.


The Global Management Program and global curriculum is recognized all over the world and certified by European and American Accreditation agencies ensure that the value of the program is equivalent to the same award you receive from any leading European University. All UBS Faculty are approved by Swiss School of Management (SSM) and serve as Adjunct Faculty of SSM, ensuring global standards. Exposure to INSEEC Faculty would give you a serious edge of learning from one of the Top Ranked Business Schools in the World.


Students will study and work for 1 year in Paris if they are interested in Marketing. They will study for 6 months at INSEEC Business School campus in Paris and will get an amazing opportunity to work in Paris with a paid Internship of up to EUR 1000 for 6 months. This paid internship is part of the program.


The Swiss School of Management awards its MBA Degree in collaboration with the highly regarded INSEEC Business School in Paris, France whose MBA Degree is ranked among the best business and management programs around the world and accredited by the Association of MBAs.


The global MBA Degree and global curriculum is recognized all over the world and certified by European and American Accreditation agencies ensure that the value of the MBA Degree at UBS Mumbai is equivalent to the Degree you receive from any leading European University. All UBS Faculty are approved by Swiss School of Management (SSM) and serve as Adjunct Faculty of SSM, ensuring global standards. Exposure to INSEEC Faculty would give you a serious edge of learning from one of the Top Ranked Business Schools in the World.


Students get an opportunity to work for a Private Limited company while pursuing their MBA. They develop leadership and astute decision making skills and manage revenue bearing divisions and projects and impact the P&L of the company. Student can get promoted to VP, CFO, CMO, COO and CEO positions and are guided by a Global CEO. During the program you will meet and interact with 250+ CEOs and Industry Leaders.

Global Accrediation

Course Curriculum

Admissions Process

1. Admissions Process :

STEP 1: Application Process: Fill the Online Application Form from our website.

Universal AI University invites applications from all streams and boards (Indian & International). The entire admission process is online. Interested candidates can fill the application form which is available on the UBS Website. The application fee is INR 1500 / USD 21 / GBP 15 / EUR 18.

STEP 2: Attach required documents:

  • Academic Mark Sheets (10th,12th & Graduation)
    Statement of Purpose (SOP) 
  • Download Sample PDF
  • Two Letter of Reference (LOR) (School/College/Employer) – Download Sample PDF (1) (2)
  • 2 Years Industry Work Experience Letters 
  • (Any document not available at the time of application, can be emailed later at [email protected])

STEP 3: Board Room Interview (BRI)

STEP 4: Personal Interview (PI)

STEP 5: Selected Candidates will get a Provisional Offer Letter (Unconditional or Conditional)

STEP 6: Confirm your Admission if conditions met

2. Eligiblity Criteria :

Something like below table –.

3. Cancellation of Admission :

Students have the right to cancel their admission without giving any reason, at any point prior to the commencement of the program as per the last date stipulated by AICTE and are eligible for a full refund of their PGDM program fee according to the AICTE guidelines with a deduction of Rs.1000/-. Similarly, the University reserves the right to cancel your admission prior to the commencement of the program, with a 100% refund of any Fees remitted to the institution at its sole discretion.
A student’s admission can be canceled at any point of time for not meeting the selection requirements (academic or non-academic) as prescribed by the University from time to time or non-compliance with any of the terms of the Offer Letter including adherence to payment deadlines, no response from the candidates and non-provision of relevant documentation without any delay.
There are 5 divisions under the PGDM program. The admissions team has the sole discretion to allocate students to respective AICTE programs, on the basis of diversity, academic performance, and type of specialization opted.

4. Student Help Desk :

For any queries pertaining to your admission,, write to us at [email protected]

Fees & Scholarship

Please also note that due to limited accommodation available on campus, students who complete payment of all fees (Tuition & Infrastructure) in the given time frames will be able to stay on campus. Those who cannot pay on time will have to find accommodation outside the campus.

Security Deposit

Each Student needs to pay a refundable Security Deposit of Rs. 30,000. This amount will be adjusted against any damage to property or any outstanding dues towards any Fees or any Expenses outstanding. It can also be used for any penalty or fines which the student is levied during his stay at the Campus. Students will be refunded the balance amount at the completion of the course when they are checking out of the Campus after adjusting for any dues accruing to the Institute.

Refund Policy

AICTE has amended the Fee Refund Rules for the academic current session. Now a candidate applying to the institute for Fee refund till June 30th of the year of the intake should get the due amount of his/her fee refunded within 2 weeks from the date of submission of the Application at the college. After this date no Refund request will be entertained. Example: June 30, 2023 for Intake Year July 2023.

Students availing the Global Management Program (GMP)

1. Confirmation of Admission of GMP (1st Instalment of Tuition Fee) – INR 1,00,000/- Non-refundable / Non-transferable

This Fee goes towards securing your admission with the International Partner in the Global Management Program (GMP).
All admissions in the GMP are approved by the International Partner on the basis of the established Admission guidelines.
The first instalment fee can be transferred to one subsequent intake only, if student officially fills-up Postponement form with applicable fee however, new fee structure will apply. If the student transfers his registration to the next intake and decides to cancel his registration thereafter, in such cases no refund will be applicable on the first instalment fees.

2. Confirmation of Admission of PGDM (2nd Instalment of Tuition Fee) –Refundable

In the event of a student/Candidate withdrawing before the starting of the course, the waitlisted candidates will have to be given admission against the vacant seat. The entire fee collected from the student, after a deduction of the processing fee of not more than Rs.1000/- (Rupees one thousand only) shall be refunded and returned by the Institution to the student / candidate withdrawing from the programme.
University will not retain the school / Institution Leaving Certificates / Transcripts / Degree Certificate in original and will hand over the same to the student / representative in person.
Should a student leave after joining the course and if the seat consequently falling vacant has been filled by another candidate by the last date of admission, UBS will return the fee collected with proportionate deductions of monthly fee and proportionate hostel rent, where applicable!
All Refunds due will be processed in August after commencement of the program.

3. Tuition Fee (Subsequent Instalments)

If a student cancels BEFORE June 1st the fee paid towards tuition (subsequent instalments) will be refunded. However, NO REFUND is applicable for the Confirmation of Admission of GMP (First Instalment of Tuition fee).
If a student cancels AFTER the commencement of the GMP program, any advanced instalments paid will be non-refundable.

4. Scholarship / Fee Waiver

If the student wishes to cancel the program in between, fees accrued till the date of cancellation excluding scholarship/fee waiver/recommendation granted must be paid before release of any academic and non-academic documents

5. UBS Code of Conduct Violation / Medical Emergencies / Other Personal Events or Mitigating Factors

If a student is found to violate the UBS Code of Conduct or has Medical Emergencies or has Personal Family/Business related issues there will be NO REFUND of any amount under any circumstance.
The above Refund policy is applicable irrespective of the cause for a refund and includes medical emergencies and all other causes.

6. Student Housing Policy

Fees cannot be paid per semester and needs to be paid as per the Offer Letter. Any delay in payment may result in Rs.100/- penalty per week.
Student Housing fees once paid would not be refunded under ANY circumstance.
Accommodation would be made available 2 days before the start of orientation.
If a student requires student housing during the Internship Period / summer break, he/she would have to inform the institute in advance.


Entire amount of Security/Caution Money Deposit will be refunded to the candidate.
For calculation of the Cancellation Charges on the pro-rata basis, one month shall be treated as one unit e.g. if the candidate cancels admission on third day i.e. within one month after the start of academic session & the seat is filled before the cut-off date, then Cancellation charges on pro rata basis will be the higher amount of (Entire fee ) /12 or Rs. 1000/-



At Universal AI University, we believe in supporting our students in every possible manner. Therefore, there are various types of scholarships which we offer to encourage our students academically.

1.Means Scholarship – Upto INR 2,00,000  Applicable to the students who come from families with annual income below INR 6 lacs. It is an application and Interview based process. Final decision on scholarship award is at the sole discretion of IDFC First. 2.Economic (Early Bird) Scholarship – Upto INR 1,00,000 Applications receive prior to 31 December for postgraduate students

3.Special Scholarship – Upto 1,00,000

  1. Merit Scholarship Upto INR 2,00,000 

-Academic performance in 10 , 12 and Graduation:

  1. Above 85% in Graduation – up to INR 1,00,000
  2. Above 90% in Graduation – up to INR 2,00,000
  1. Entrance Exam Scholarship – Upto INR 2,00,000
  1. Scores above 80%ile in CAT, XATor 650+ in GMAT are eligible – up to INR 100,000/- 
  2. Scores above 90%ile in CAT, XATor 700+ in GMATare eligible – up to INR 200,000/- 
  3. 100% Scholarship on PGDM fees to 5 Students who score 90 percentile & above in CAT exam. They should also have a minimum of 75% in their Graduation.

Conditions for Scholarship:

  • Only one Special scholarship is applicable per student. Merit Scholarship cannot be clubbed with special scholarship.
  • All Scholarships will be granted on the basis of Academic performance above 60% in Graduation.
  • If the student does not receive a scholarship award letter from the Admissions Team, then the student is not eligible.
  • The final list of merit scholarships will be declared by June 15 for July Batch.
  • All merit scholarships are at the sole discretion of University. If the student does not receive a scholarship award letter from the

Admissions Team, then the student is not eligible.

Students are eligible for scholarship if their scholarship application is received prior to April 15 for July batch

PGDM students can avail a maximum scholarship of INR 50,000 across all categories including Economic Scholarships.


The following banks offer education loans on their own discretion

Loan Support Help Desk:

For any queries pertaining to loans, you can contact Mr. Prakash Tiwari at 9960692713

Instalment Plan

Universal AI University provides easy instalment plan to pay your tuition fees. 

To have integration like this –

Student Help Desk

For any queries pertaining to your admission,, write to us at [email protected]

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