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Summer School & Exchange Programs

Students have the ability to apply for a Student Exchange Study Abroad Option for a period of 3 months. Students will be selected on the basis of merit and communication skills and the respective Universities guidelines

  • Each program – including taught subjects – differs by host university and country         
  • The duration can be between 1-3 months which depends on the host institution’s program.     
  • The exchange student receives a Certificate of Completion issued by the host institution if s/he clears the exams of the subjects has been taught by the host institution during the duration of the exchange.
  • The Certificate of Completion will be accepted by the University 
  • Costs vary by each country as well as the lifestyle of the student

Study Abroad

FLAME University is committed to enhancing the educational experience of students by encouraging and providing them with opportunities to operate in multilingual and multicultural settings at an international level. This exposure adds value to the students by diversifying their learning experience; enhances their employability by having demonstrable experience of living and learning in a culture which is different from their own. Studying in a new educational setting helps them to hone their extant skills and develop new ones.

The collaborative, exchange and study abroad programs undertaken by FLAME University are aimed at providing students and faculty a global perspective on education and research, and prepare them for leadership and service in an interconnected globalized world. The international relations initiative at FLAME University essentially has the makings of a mutually beneficial relationship between the faculty and students of both, FLAME and associated institutions and universities. Through rigorous and collaborative programs, the Office of International Relations helps faculty and students build and strengthen the range of collaborative activities with institutions abroad.


Below is a list of study abroad opportunities that students can explore during their education at FLAME University.



  • Wellesley College
  • Yale University
  • Kelley School of Business, Indiana University Bloomington
  • Boston University (MET International)
  • Amherst College
  • University of California - Davis, USA


  • York University
  • King's University College


  • DHBW


  • Sciences Po

Selection of students in study abroad programs is based on merit and shall be subject to the fulfillment of selection criteria, availability of seats, and approval of the respective host institutions. Mere fulfillment of minimum eligibility requirement does not entitle a student to claim a seat in the study abroad program


For more details on study-abroad opportunities, direct your enquiries to [email protected] to seek an appointment with the nodal person. The details contained herein this webpage is for information purpose only.