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Why Our Design School?

The university’s AI-based curriculum and experiential learning methods offer students a rare chance to gain hands-on experience in the design industry. Students at Universal AI University would benefit from learning how to incorporate AI into their ideas in order to stay ahead of the curve, as AI is one of the fastest-growing technologies. Students are better prepared to take on design difficulties in the real world thanks to the university’s emphasis on experiential learning, which gives them the opportunity to work on real-world projects and get hands-on experience.

What Programs Do We Offer?

Bachelor in Design:

The Bachelor of Design program at Universal AI University covers a wide range of design disciplines, from graphic and industrial design to fashion and interior design. Practical skills like drawing, drafting, and the use of software are taught alongside theoretical concepts like design history and principles. Our B.Design degree stresses the importance of free thought and the cultivation of an individual’s design voice.

Career Options

  1. UX/UI Designer 
  2. Product Designer
  3. Data Visualisation Specialist
  4. Researcher 
  5. Creative Technologist
  6. Interior Architect Designer 
  7. Fashion Designer
  8. Graphic Designer 
  9. Communication Designer 
  10.  Entrepreneurship

The Design School will be accepting applications in the next academic session. Keep an eye out for more information and updates.