CaseBlazer Chronicles: A 48-Hour Dive into Experiential Learning at Universal AI University

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Starting out on the experiential learning journey at Universal AI University’s Universal Business School was a thrilling ride, and the recent Caze Blazer event emerged as the defining moment of my PGDM experience.

Caze Blazer, held on October 27-28, was no ordinary business challenge. This unique event transcended conventional boundaries as we, in groups of 4-6, delved into nine diverse cases from industry giants such as Budweiser, Suta by two sisters, Netflix, Xiaomi, and more. What set Caze Blazer apart was its emphasis on varied case study presentations, including a Case Exam, PowerPoint Presentation, and Infographic, demanding a holistic exploration of multifaceted case dimensions.The true uniqueness of CazeBlazer lay in its stringent rules. Before receiving the case, every team member had to submit their cell phone, and no internet, WiFi, or leaving the room was allowed during the 2.5-hour preparation and presentation time. This restriction compelled us to rely solely on our team’s collective intelligence, fostering an atmosphere of intense collaboration and creative problem-solving.

The meticulously planned schedule ensured each case presented distinctive challenges, demanding a tailored approach. From navigating Budweiser’s intricacies to deciphering Xiaomi’s disruptive strategies, every case contributed a layer to our learning. Beyond the analytical aspects, Caze Blazer offered a crash course in effective teamwork, creating an environment of laughter, discussions, occasional disagreements, and an abundance of fun that transformed the 48 hours into an unforgettable experience, Reflecting on CazeBlazer, I find myself possessing not only a deeper understanding of the companies we analyzed but also enhanced problem-solving skills and a newfound appreciation for diverse case study presentations. This event serves as a testament to the experiential learning journey at Universal AI University, leaving an enduring impact on my academic adventure, As the echoes of CazeBlazer fade away, the lingering impact extends beyond my academic journey, shaping the way I approach challenges in life. The intensity of the event, the diversity of cases, and the unique presentation formats have bestowed upon me skills that transcend traditional classroom boundaries.

Caze Blazer was more than just a challenge; it was a preparation for the future. The ability to analyze, collaborate, and present under pressure is a skill set invaluable in any professional arena. The event has laid a foundation for quick thinking, adaptability, and effective teamwork – skills that are indispensable in the real world. In the grand scheme of things, CazeBlazer was not solely about dissecting business cases; it was about honing skills transferable to the real world. As I navigate through my academic and professional journey, I carry with me the lessons learned during those 48 hours – the resilience to overcome challenges, the creativity to present ideas in diverse ways, and the importance of effective teamwork. Caze Blazer was not just an event it was a trans formative experience that has left an indelible mark on my approach to problem-solving. Stepping into the future, I do so with the confidence instilled by Caze Blazer, knowing that the skills acquired during those intense 48 hours will continue to guide me in every facet of life, not just in academic pursuits.


Prerna Agrawal

PGDM Learner

1st Year Student

Universal AI University

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