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Embarking on the Journey: Induction at Universal AI University

Introduction: Looking back at the initial days at Universal AI University, the memories of the first ten days in university rush vividly to my mind. Stepping into the new realm of higher education, everyone around was a stranger to me. However, by the end of those 10 days, I had not only recognized 50 friendly […]

A Double Dose of Insights: Aditya Tripathy’s Sessions on Gamification and LinkedIn Mastery at Universal AI University

On a day marked by excitement and anticipation, MBA students at Universal AI University found themselves privy to back-to-back sessions helmed by the dynamic Aditya Tripathy. Meticulously organized by Harshita Mam, these sessions — one focusing on the fascinating world of gamification for the G10 cohort and the other shedding light on LinkedIn strategies for […]

Outbound Experiential Learning

In the heart of every learner lies a desire for unforgettable experiences that go beyond textbooks and classrooms. For us learners, this desire was fulfilled through an extraordinary outbound adventure organized by Universal AI University. As I sit down to recount the incredible journey that unfolded in the mesmerizing landscapes of Lonavala, I can’t help […]

Into the Wild: Escaping the Daily Grind

After spending a week on the campus, attending perennial sessions and giving presentations, we were informed that all cohorts would be going for a trekking expedition on the weekend. The faces that were once sullen now brimmed with cheerfulness.   As the sun rose on the day of our trek, the excitement was palpable. We […]


Hello There, readers! I am Ashwarya Gupta, a keen explorer about discovering new things. I recently had the amazing chance to visit Sula Vines for an industrial visit, and the experience has forever changed how I approach my quest for both professional and personal growth. Join me as I describe my enchanted encounter at Sula […]