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Empowered by human intelligence, today artificial intelligence is empowering humans. Having ideated, designed, and created by expert human minds, today AI is one of the agape technological advancements. As AI has climbed higher, it has rooted in one of the stupendous industries with great career scope. Do you wanna establish your career in the AI industry? If yes, then the foundational step is to pursue BTech in AI.

Read more to know what job opportunities await on the end side of BTech Artificial Intelligence.


What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a human-developed technology that involves developing computer-aided intelligent solutions and products that work on a combination of human intelligence and discernment.


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Look into the Artificial Intelligence industry (Global and Indian level): 

Today, the artificial intelligence industry is a massive industry at the global level with a global market value of USD 136.55 billion in 2022. This industry is expected to launch itself higher to reach a global market value of more than USD 1,750 billion by 2030.

While the global AI industry is valued higher, the Indian AI industry has a market value of around USD 672 million by 2022 and is expected to grow further reaching a market value of around USD 3,966 million by 2029.

Having a look at the Artificial Intelligence industrial value, if you find establishing a career in this industry is worth it, then move on to learn about the best AI course, Artificial Intelligence BTech.

Explore the course – BTech in Artificial Intelligence:

BTech in AI courses are designed to provide in-depth knowledge about artificial intelligence in the technological arena of the world. This course involves inculcating knowledge on data extraction strategies, algorithms, methodologies, and incorporation of acquired data in developing automated systems and robotics using artificial intelligence.


BTech Artificial Intelligence is designed to serve as the fundamental regimen imparting complete knowledge on the artificial intelligence aspects in the techno world.


Here are further B Tech Artificial Intelligence course details.

What is the course duration and module?

BTech in Artificial Intelligence is a 4-year undergraduate engineering course designed with 8 semesters having a wide range of subjects that impart strong knowledge on AI and related fields such as Machine Learning, Data Science, etc.

Who can pursue the course?

The basic eligibility criteria to pursue BTech in AI are as follows:


  • Candidates should have completed a 10+2 with physics, chemistry, and mathematics as compulsory subjects and one optional science subject.


  • Candidates should have scored a minimum of 50% aggregate in 10+2. 

What about BTech AI at Universal AI University?

At Universal AI University, an AI BTech course is offered as a BTech in AI & ML. Admission to this course is provided by conducting the UBSAT Entrance exam.

What are the subjects in BTech AI?

The B Tech AI Syllabus is curated by Computer and AI experts with a strong commitment to provide the best possible AI education to the students. Here are the B Tech Artificial Intelligence subjects.

Core subjects Elective subjects
Computer System Architecture

Data and Analysis of Algorithms

Data Communications and Computer Networks

Web Technologies

Applied Statistical Analysis for AI and ML

Neural Networks

Pattern Recognition

Machine Learning

Language Processing



Deep Learning


Internet of Things





WKSP 2.0


Unlock exciting career opportunities with BTech in AI, but how?

As we already know about the immense value of the AI industry, it is clear that this industry holds a great career pool for students with BTech in AI degrees.


Making a career in a developing industry is the dream for engineering aspirants and it is made possible with a BTech in AI degree. This degree has the potential to push students into a wide range of career segments.


Many top industry verticals hire artificial intelligence graduates to incorporate AI into their sectors for automating operations for better performance. Some of the AI industry verticals are as follows.


  • Healthcare
  • BFSI
  • Law
  • Retail
  • Advertising & Media
  • Automotive & Transportation
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • IT & Telecommunications
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Government Agencies
  • Gaming Industries


These AI industry verticals rope in a huge number of BTech Artificial Intelligence graduates for a wide range of job roles that have scope in both India as well as abroad.

Take a look at the notable job options that are unlocked for pursuing BTech in AI.


Job Roles Average Salary in India(INR) Average Salary Abroad(considered US/USD)
Computer Vision Engineer 6.9 LPA 120,847
Data Analyst 6.24 LPA 70,676
Data Scientist 7.3 LPA 124,693
Data Engineer 8.4 LPA 128,631
Machine Learning Engineer 6.7 LPA 150,186
Big Data Architect 24 LPA 160,149
Business Intelligence Developer 6.3 LPA 100,635
Robotics Programmer 3.45 LPA 75,689
Software Engineer 6.94 LPA 108,807
Information and Multimedia Designer 3.5 LPA 56,792
Medical Information Scientist 5.0 LPA 103,784
IT Specialist 7 LPA 58,700
Information Network Manager 7.88 LPA 85,892


This range of AI job options is made available in many top organisations in the public and private domains. Some of the notable ones are BHEL, ONGC, SAIL, ISRO, etc under the public domain while Tata Consultancy, Wipro, Infosys, Amazon, Google, etc under the private domain.


In a single stroke, BTech in AI carries students towards great job opportunities pursued at a top college like ours, Universal AI University.


As the world develops, so does technology. Actually, as technology develops, the world develops. So, Artificial Intelligence is one of the technological tools that makes and will continue to make the world a better place with all its advancements. If you are intelligent, then establish your career in artificial intelligence with a BTech in AI degree.


  • Can I get a job after BTech Artificial Intelligence?

Yes, one can get a job after BTech Artificial Intelligence as a wide range of job opportunities such as data analyst, software engineer, big data architect, etc are available in the computer sector.


  • What career opportunities are available if you work with AI?

Some of the notable career opportunities in AI are as follows:

  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Robotics Programmer
  • Big Data Architect


  • What is the use of BTech in artificial intelligence?

BTech in Artificial Intelligence will help students establish their careers in one of the promisingly developing industries that create major technological advancements in the world.


  • How do I grow my career in artificial intelligence?

One can grow a career in artificial intelligence by pursuing a BTech in Artificial Intelligence followed by an MTech in Artificial Intelligence or a Master of Business Administration.