Sustainable Development Goals Workshop

In an increasingly interconnected world facing complex environmental, social, and economic challenges, the role of education in fostering sustainable development has never been more critical. Recently, our university took a proactive step towards cultivating future leaders committed to addressing these challenges by organizing a comprehensive workshop focused on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). […]

Mastering Data Analysis with JMP: A Hands-on Workshop

Welcome to our detailed coverage of the “Statistical Discovery using JMP” workshop, a pivotal event held on March 2, 2024, in Classroom GF130, Universal Ai University. This workshop, meticulously designed for first-year B.Tech. and B.Sc. students, aimed to equip participants with essential skills in data analysis using JMP software. Led by industry expert Mr. Prasad […]

Industrial Visit to Prashant Corner Sweets Manufacturing and Ss Natu Plastics and Metals Pvt Ltd

In higher education, practical learning experiences are crucial for equipping students with the skills and insights necessary to succeed in their careers. One such pivotal experience is the industrial visit, which provides students with firsthand exposure to the operational dynamics of various industries. This blog delves into the enriching journey of the industrial visit organized […]

How a B.Tech in AI Can Unlock Exciting Job Opportunities

Empowered by human intelligence, today artificial intelligence is empowering humans. Having ideated, designed, and created by expert human minds, today AI is one of the agape technological advancements. As AI has climbed higher, it has rooted in one of the stupendous industries with great career scope. Do you wanna establish your career in the AI […]

Understanding the Syllabus of a B.Tech in AI & ML Program

Technology is at a pace that humans never imagined in the beginning era and one of the biggest assets of today’s technology is Artificial Intelligence. With the latest trends such as ChatGPT, edge AI, Cybersecurity AI, and much more, Artificial Intelligence has come a long way to a global market value of USD 136.55 billion […]