How Can a BA Hons Degree Increase the Chances of Employment?

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Education is the primary choice made for a better future and so pursuing any degree serves its purpose. In this way, studying a particular course and amplifying its value with additional effort will earn much greater career prospects. Meeting this statement, a BA Hons degree stands tall.

As per India Times, around 78.9% of 4.1 crore students in higher education are enrolled in UG degree with about 1 crore students opting for BA and another 17 lakhs, i.e4.2% has opted for BA Hons. Realising the significant value, BA Hons has earned a great welcome among the students’ community.

This article will help you know more about BA hons and what benefits this course holds in terms of employment.


Course Details, Bachelor of Arts (Hons):

A Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree is one of the degrees that offer specialisations at the undergraduate degree level. This course increases the value of a BA degree and here are the course details:


Bachelor of Arts (Hons)

Course description 

BA Hons degree is a course that offers specialised primary-level education in any chosen arts discipline such as economics, sociology, etc.


Undergraduate level


3 years

Eligibility Criteria

The basic eligibility criteria to pursue a BA Hons degree are as follows:


  • Candidates should be a minimum of 17 years of age.
  • Candidates should have completed 10+2 with a minimum of 65% aggregate marks at any recognised educational institution.


Admission Procedure

Admission to the BA Hons degree is offered based on the candidate’s score in the UB SAT entrance exam.


BA Hons Degree at Universal AI University:

Various colleges offer various BA hons courses such as BA Hons Liberal Arts. Universal AI University, one of the leading universities in India offer two different BA Hons degree as followed:


BA Hons in Economics:

BA Hons in Economics is a BA degree specialising in economics. This degree educated the theories, practices, and economic concepts. This degree prepares the students for remarkable BA Eco Hons placements.

Career options after Economics honors are large in number and some of the jobs after BA Hons Economics are as follows:

Job options after BA Hons Economics


Average Salary in INR

Investment Analyst

Analyses and provides inputs on the recent economic trends for investment along with certain strategies for beneficial investment

4.5 LPA

Sales Analyst

Analyses the marketing sales of a particular client and suggests strategies and ideas to economically uplift the client brand in the market.

4.5 LPA


Involved in researching, analyzing, and segregating data of the current economic status of India as well as global.

6.87 LPA

Due to the significant eco hons scope in my career, Universal AI University offers a notable BA Hons Economics degree.


BA Hons in Psychology:

BA Hons in Psychology is involved offering a psychology-oriented BA degree wherein the students are educated on various psychological concepts and aspects to handle real-time situations.

BA Honours Jobs after Psychology are as follows:

Job options after BA Hons Psychology


Average Salary in INR

Child Psychologist

Analyse the child’s behaviour, understand their mental state, identify the psychological issue, and help them overcome it

7.2 LPA


Involves understanding the human mind, identifying any mental disorders and treating them, helping people in maintaining good mental health, etc

3.57 LPA

Clinical Psychologist

A clinical psychologist works in health establishments and hospitals. They are involved in treating patients for mental health disorders and bad mental conditions

3.7 LPA

Psychology Instructor 

Involved in educating psychological concepts and delivering psychological speeches to people

12 LPA


Handles any subjects in schools

3.54 LPA


Owing to the value of a BA Hons in Psychology, Universal AI University stands as one of the best colleges offering BA Hons Psychology.


Admission to both these degrees at Universal AI University requires students to appear for the entrance exam UB SAT and satisfy the following percentage criteria:



Statement of Purpose (SOP)


Extra Curricular Activities







Benefits of a BA Hons degree that increases the chance of employment:

BA Hons degree holds a lot of benefits and these benefits in turn increase the chance of employment. Always upgraded higher education courses yield better career prospects and so let us now find the BA Honours benefits that offer better employment opportunities:

    • More detailed coursework compared to regular BA, hence in-depth knowledge in the chosen field.
  • BA Hons degree helps students upskill their profile with specialised field-oriented education and this will be a great boon for better employment.
  • BA Hons degree offers a comprehensive study wherein students get a full-fledged education in a particular field and thus prepare themselves for high-profile jobs in their chosen field.
  • BA Hons degree prepares students with professionalism and it is very important for better employability.

As per statistics, the employability rate is comparatively great for BA Hons degree.

Taking up a BA Hons degree instead of a BA degree is always an advantage that aids in landing a better career position in the chosen field.

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Pursuing courses that match our field of interest is always the best option. Adding on to it, pursuing a specialised course with much more value is an added advantage. Pursuing a BA Hons degree will surely be an added advantage in terms of career as well as in other aspects. Explore your desired BA hons degree and shine bright.




  • How many subjects are in BA Hons? 

BA Hons will have 6 subjects in total where 4 subjects are core subjects and 2 subjects are elective subjects.


  • Which BA Hons course is best?

BA Hons Psychology is considered the best as it has significant value in various industries such as healthcare, human resources, public health, etc.


  • What are the benefits of BA Hons?

Some of the benefits of BA Hons are specialised undergraduate education, full-fledged in-depth conceptual knowledge, better employability skills, etc.


  • Is BA Hons a professional course?

Yes, BA Hons is a professional course similar to a general BA degree, yet it holds greater value compared to a general BA degree.