How Can a BA Hons Degree Increase the Chances of Employment?

Education is the primary choice made for a better future and so pursuing any degree serves its purpose. In this way, studying a particular course and amplifying its value with additional effort will earn much greater career prospects. Meeting this statement, a BA Hons degree stands tall. As per India Times, around 78.9% of 4.1 […]

Top Industries Hiring PGDM Graduates in India

If you are a PGDM graduate or aspiring to pursue a PGDM course, you might be wondering about the career opportunities and scope of this qualification in India. PGDM graduates are in high demand in the job market, as they possess a combination of theoretical and practical expertise, analytical and problem-solving abilities, leadership and communication […]

Career Prospects After Completing PGDM in Business Management

A PGDM in Business Management is one of the most promising courses given the diverse career prospects it holds. A PGDM is equivalent to an MBA program with more emphasis on practical aspects of business management. Candidates undergo rigorous training through methodologies like case studies, industrial visits, seminars, workshops and more. The course is offered […]

The Research Opportunities in a PhD in Liberal Arts Program

The Liberal Arts Program curriculum covers a wide range of disciplines, enabling students to be adaptable, multidisciplinary and resilient to opportunities. As liberal arts encompasses a wide range of subjects, the research opportunities are among the widest in the field. During your tenure, there are multiple skills in the form of analytical reasoning and critical […]

The Finest Executive MBA Course for Career Advancement

Table of Contents The MBA course has always proved to be a ladder for getting managerial job positions but once you start working it becomes difficult to leave a job and dedicate 2 years of your life to pursuing this course. Here, comes an executive MBA course that you can complete within 15 months and […]