Industrial Visit to Prashant Corner Sweets Manufacturing and Ss Natu Plastics and Metals Pvt Ltd

Home BTech Industrial Visit to Prashant Corner Sweets Manufacturing and Ss Natu Plastics and Metals Pvt Ltd

In higher education, practical learning experiences are crucial for equipping students with the skills and insights necessary to succeed in their careers. One such pivotal experience is the industrial visit, which provides students with firsthand exposure to the operational dynamics of various industries. This blog delves into the enriching journey of the industrial visit organized for first-year B.Tech. and B.Sc. students, offering a detailed exploration of its planning, execution, key highlights, learning outcomes, participant feedback, personal reflections, and concluding insights.


Planning and Execution


On February 10, 2024, students embarked on a meticulously planned industrial visit facilitated by Universal Ai & Future Technologies School faculty coordinators Dr. Kavita Venkatachari and Mr. Sarvesh Borade. The visit aimed to integrate classroom learning with practical industry experience, fostering a deeper understanding of industrial processes and technologies. Organized visits to Prashant Corner Sweets Manufacturing and SS Natu Plastics and Metals Pvt Ltd in Thane, Maharashtra, provided students with invaluable insights into confectionery production and advanced manufacturing techniques.


Key Highlights


The industrial visit offered participants a transformative educational experience:


  • Prashant Corner Sweets Manufacturing:

    Students witnessed the intricacies of confectionery production, from raw materials to final packaging, emphasizing quality control and hygiene standards essential in food manufacturing.


  • SS Natu Plastics and Metals Pvt Ltd:

    At SS Natu, students explored state-of-the-art technologies such as IoT-driven automation and precision engineering in plastics and metals manufacturing. This segment underscored the intersection of innovation and sustainability in modern industrial practices.


Learning Outcomes


The visit yielded significant educational outcomes:


  • Practical Application:

    Students applied theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, enhancing their understanding of industrial operations and management practices.


  • Skill Development:

    Interactions with industry professionals honed students’ communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking abilities, crucial for future career roles.


  • Career Insight:

    Exposure to industry best practices provided clarity on potential career paths and opportunities within the manufacturing sector, empowering informed career decisions.




In conclusion, the industrial visit was organized for first-year B.Tech. and B.Sc. students exemplified the integral role of practical learning experiences in higher education. By bridging classroom theory with real-world application, the visit not only enriched students’ academic knowledge but also cultivated essential skills and insights vital for their future professional journeys.

Moving forward, initiatives like these will continue to play a pivotal role in preparing students to navigate and excel in the dynamic landscape of global industries. As education evolves to embrace experiential learning as a cornerstone of holistic development, industrial visits stand as catalysts for innovation, collaboration, and lifelong learning.



Pictures of the Event: Industrial Visits Photo Gallery 2023-24