Hello There, readers! I am Ashwarya Gupta, a keen explorer about discovering new things. I recently had the amazing chance to visit Sula Vines for an industrial visit, and the experience has forever changed how I approach my quest for both professional and personal growth. Join me as I describe my enchanted encounter at Sula Vines, one of the most renowned vineyards in India.

A Snippet of Natural Beauty upon Arrival: As soon as I stepped foot in the captivating Sula vineyards, which are tucked away among the gently sloping hills of Nashik, Maharashtra, I was enthralled by the spectacular beauty of the surroundings. A full day of exploration was set against the majestic backdrop of luscious grapevines that extended as far as the eye could reach.


Vineyard Tour: The Dedicated Artwork of Nature

Our day began with a vineyard tour organized by viticulture professionals. Everything about this experience was fantastic. I gained knowledge of the nuances of grape cultivation, including the importance of different soil types and the commitment required for sustainable agricultural methods.


Business Insights: Where Tradition and Innovation Collide

Beyond the vines and cellars, our journey included Sula Vines’ corporate operations. I gained vast knowledge about the market analysis, branding, and distribution methods that have helped Sula achieve international renown by interacting with the company’s marketing and business development staff. It was encouraging to see how innovation and tradition could work together to achieve success.


Excellence in Hospitality: Creating Memorable Experiences

The emphasis at Sula Vines is not just on wine; it is also on giving guests extraordinary experiences. I had the honour of conversing with the staff members in charge of events, wine tastings, and visitor relations. This made me realize how crucial it is to provide outstanding customer service and how paying attention to trivial things can make a company stand out.

A Wine Appreciation Journey: Broadening My Perspective

Wine sampling is a need for any winery visit. This opened my eyes as someone who is still very fresh to the world of wine. I explored the intricate details of wine tasting, food combinations, and the practice of sensory evaluation under the guidance of an experienced sommelier. It was a sensory adventure that gave me a deep appreciation for the wine industry.

As I continue my MBA program, I carry with me the priceless insights and priceless memories from this visit. I am now more inspired than ever to explore new horizons in the fields of business and hospitality. Thank you, Universal AI University, for this wine-derful experience! Cheers to the adventures that lie ahead.


Ashwarya Gupta 


1st Year Student

Universal AI University

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