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Associate Professor


Dr. Swati Gupta brings a wealth of experience, accumulating two decades of expertise in both the academic and corporate realms. Currently serving as an Associate Professor, she has dedicated a significant portion of her career to shaping minds in the academic arena, specializing in finance and accounting. With a profound understanding of the subject matter, Dr. Gupta has been instrumental in delivering comprehensive education, offering courses such as Fintech, Rural Finance, Valuation, Merger & Acquisition, and Financial Modeling. Her pedagogical approach is enriched by practical insights gained through her extensive corporate experience.

In the corporate sector, Dr. Gupta’s acumen has been honed through active engagement with esteemed organizations. This dual perspective, blending academic rigor with real-world application, has not only defined her teaching philosophy but has also contributed to her success as a mentor for change.

Beyond the classroom, Dr. Swati Gupta’s influence extends to the international stage, marked by her presentations at numerous conferences and a prolific record of publications and book chapters in Scopus-indexed journals. Her journey over two decades reflects a seamless integration of academic excellence and corporate wisdom, making her a distinguished figure in both spheres.

Faculty: Financial Management

Education: PhD, MBA

Industry Experience: 4 Years

Academic Experience: 18 Years