Ms. Kamaldeep Kaur Kohli

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Ms. Kamaldeep Kaur Kohli

Teaching Assistant


Kamaldeep is an enthusiastic, creative and motivated individual who has completed her bachelor’s in commerce and pursuing her master’s in commerce with management as her core subject. She has not only proved herself as a brilliant individual in her academics but also pursued many awards and medals in sports as well.


She started her professional journey as a lecturer in various institutions, where she proved herself as an innovative and creative lecturer by adapting the solution-oriented approach for increasing the participation of students in learning and to boost the overall development of the students. She holds the overall 5 years of experience as a lecturer who worked as a collaborative resource in promoting the student’s success.


She has excellent communication skills and is able to build a strong relationship with students through effective listening skills which helps develop confidence levels among them. She is committed to academic excellence and always strives hard towards achieving high standards through continuous efforts made by herself & team members towards achieving desired results within the given time frame given by the institution.