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Are you open to embarking on an intriguing academic adventure that explores the inner workings of the human mind and behaviour? If so, you’ve undoubtedly considered pursuing a BA Hons in Psychology. But, prior to enrolling in this programme, you must comprehend the course study themes, particularly at a time when Indian Institutions claim a 50% growth in enrollment in psychology courses. 

Hence, we have prepared this blog to examine some thought-provoking subjects included in the course curriculum of a BA (Hons.) Psychology.


BA Hons in Psychology- Course Overview 

The function of a fundamental comprehension of human nature as well as the resolution to several personal and interpersonal issues are enhanced by a BA (Hons.) Psychology. And, as one of the best colleges for BA Hons Psychology, Universal AI University also offers this study programme with a ground-breaking methodology by integrating artificial intelligence into the curriculum.


Course Highlights

Please see the table below for some key details about the BA (Hons.) Psychology course at the Universal AI University:


Level of Education  Undergraduate 
Duration  3-4 years 
Minimum Requirement 
  • Indian Board- Complete 10+2 with at least 65%
  • International Board- Must be Certificate and Diploma holders with a minimum of 20 points.
Course Format  Semester Mode 
Tuition Fee INR 2.48 LPA (approx.)

What are the Subjects in BA Honours in Psychology?

 Investigating a course’s core subjects and assignments gives you valuable insights that you can use to decide whether or not the programme fits your niche. In light of this, we will discuss a few significant topics that are covered by the BA Hons in Psychology programme at Universal AI University:

  • Introduction to Psychology

An introductory course that gives students a basic overview of the field of psychology usually kicks off the first year of a BA (Hons.) in Psychology. The history of psychology, significant theories, research methodologies, and ethical considerations that influence the profession are further topics discussed. This degree as a whole prepares the ground for further investigation and provides the framework for the ensuing modules.

  • Developmental Psychology

Psychology’s fundamental goal is to comprehend how people behave at all stages of life. A Bachelor of Arts Honours Psychology thus focuses on the changes that people go through from infancy to old life. This module further offers insight into how experiences and contextual circumstances impact an individual’s psychological development as students study subjects like cognitive, social, emotional, and moral development. 

  • Cognitive Psychology

The study of cognitive psychology focuses on mental functions such as perception, focus, memory, thought, and problem-solving. Students thus examine the mechanisms underlying information processing, decision-making, and reasoning as they dig into the complexities of cognitive processes. Also, the BA (Hons.) Psychology course participants will have a thorough understanding of how people acquire, store, and use knowledge.

  • Social Psychology

Our beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours are profoundly influenced by our social encounters. As a result, the BA Hons Psychology best colleges concentrate on this subject, which enables students to investigate how social circumstances, group dynamics, and societal norms affect different people. Additionally, they study issues including prejudice, social perception, conformity, and interpersonal interactions. Overall, the subject helps students understand the complexity of human behaviour in society.

  • Experimental Psychology 

Testing theories about human thoughts, feelings, actions, and anything else that includes the mind is a major focus of experimental psychology. As a result, studying this subject will allow you to delve into the large field of psychology, which has numerous branches.


Reasons to Study a BA (Hons.) in Psychology 

Undergraduates often choose psychology as a complex degree for a variety of reasons. Let us discuss a few of those important factors:

  • To Develop domain-specific Knowledge 

You can learn more about the mind, brain, and behaviour of people by pursuing a psychology degree. In addition, your comprehensive comprehension of the numerous speciality domains of psychology will be aided by this knowledge.

  • To Improve your Communication Skills

Effective interpersonal communication is a universal talent that is required in every workplace. In addition to a BA with honours in psychology, students can unknowingly develop this talent by enrolling in a BSc Honours Psychology with counselling

  • H3- To Understand Yourself


Understanding your personality and behaviour can help you approach a task or role at work from a different angle. You can further improve your ability to operate more successfully in various contexts by applying your knowledge of psychology and behaviour to recognise and accept the underlying causes and theories of these features.

  • To Cultivate Your Research Ability

Although it is a skill that is frequently disregarded in the workplace, the research capacity is an important one for both managers and employees. A psychology degree will, hence, assist you in developing your skills to locate sources, assess their value, and concisely explain your results through assignments and projects.

  • To Enhance your Employability

People who earn a psychology degree have many career options, and a BA in Psychology graduate has the option of finding employment as a Clinical Psychologist, Counsellor, Social Worker, Researcher, Psychiatric Technician, etc. 

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Summing Up 


A BA Hons in Psychology provides students with a rich and diverse curriculum that encompasses various aspects of the human mind and behavior. This degree also lays a solid foundation for further academic pursuits or careers in various fields, such as clinical psychology, counseling, research, or human resources. Overall, embarking on this academic journey promises not only personal growth but also a deeper understanding of the world around us.



  • Which stream is best for BA Psychology?

Although a student from any stream in their 12th grade can apply for a BA in Psychology, opting for Science or Arts in your high school can be a wise choice for a BA Psychology course.

  • Do I need to take an entrance exam to pursue Universal AI University’s BA Hons in Psychology course?

Yes, you must take the UBSAT (UBS Aptitude Test) to pursue a BA Hons in Psychology at Universal AI University. After that, you will need to show up for a personal interview round.

  • What is the difference between BA Psychology and BA Psychology Honours?

You will learn Psychology and other minor topics with a BA in Psychology. Whereas, a BA (Hons.) in Psychology will allow you to study the field of psychology and its many subfields, like child psychology, research methodology, abnormal psychology, etc.

  • What is the salary of a BA Psychologist in India?

The average salary of a BA Psychologist in India ranges somewhere between INR 1.2 to 3 LPA, according to AmbitionBox.

  • Why is research important in a Psychology course?

You will need to research, read, and comprehend various sources to support your written assignments, presentations, and exams while studying psychology. Additionally, you can employ your research techniques to analyse the data, report the findings, and plan your studies.