Liberal Arts

The Research Opportunities in a PhD in Liberal Arts Program

The Liberal Arts Program curriculum covers a wide range of disciplines, enabling students to be adaptable, multidisciplinary and resilient to opportunities. As liberal arts encompasses a wide range of subjects, the research opportunities are among the widest in the field. During your tenure, there are multiple skills in the form of analytical reasoning and critical […]

How a Liberal Arts Education Can Help You in Today’s Job Market?

As the complexity of interconnected issues and concerns continues to rise, it becomes essential to have an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary education as well as a thorough learning process to keep up with the world’s constant change. However, did you know that in the current environment, obtaining a liberal arts education can have huge benefits? Additionally, […]

The Course Curriculum of a BA Hons in Psychology

Are you open to embarking on an intriguing academic adventure that explores the inner workings of the human mind and behaviour? If so, you’ve undoubtedly considered pursuing a BA Hons in Psychology. But, prior to enrolling in this programme, you must comprehend the course study themes, particularly at a time when Indian Institutions claim a […]