When I first set foot on the campus of Universal AI University two months ago, I was excited but more nervous that how would I navigate this new chapter of my life? Little did I knew that this journey would turn out to be nothing short of transformative.

From the very first day of orientation, I was delving in a world characterized by academic rigor and personal growth. The diverse mix of classmates hailing from various backgrounds provided a rich learning environment that expanded my horizons but one thing that struck with me most about UAiU was its commitment to nurture a holistic educational experience. While academics were undoubtedly at the forefront, the university also placed great emphasis on the mental well-being of its students. The provision of Safe Space for open dialogue and counselling was a lifesaver for those who needed that extra support, creating an environment where every student felt valued and heard.

As my days at the university unfolded, I had the privilege of engaging in a variety of challenging case studies and collaborative group projects. These experiences pushed me to think critically, work effectively in teams, and develop practical problem-solving skills. I still vividly recall my first presentation, a defining moment in my journey. We were given the freedom to choose our topic, and I opted to explore the LGBTQ+ community. The process of studying, conducting surveys, and presenting my findings to the class was a huge learning experience that left a lasting impact on me.

University’s commitment to experiential learning was evident from the very beginning. One of the standout experiences was the brand gamification project under the guidance of Prof.Tandon. In this project, we were tasked with creating our own product, starting from the conceptualization phase to making critical decisions such as product name, target audience, market, and the choice between different type of product extension, etc. This project allowed us to appreciate the intricacies and efforts involved in the entire marketing process, offering a hands-on perspective that textbook learning could never replicate.

In just two months, Universal AI University has not only broadened my academic horizons but has also enriched my life in countless ways. The transformative nature of this experience has left a huge mark on me from getting a chance of being an event head at the Marketing Murlidhar Fest, to grabbing a 2-month internship opportunity. I’m excited to continue this journey of growth, learning, and self-discovery. Universal AI University has served as a catalyst for both my personal and intellectual development, and I’m genuinely excited to see the promising future that lies ahead in this exceptional environment.


Sabiha Gazia


1st Year Student

Universal AI University

Email ID: [email protected]